"Fantastic, wonderful and caring practioners..." - Nancy S.

"Megan in 8 sessions has eliminated my disabling migraines that no longer responded to any conventional medications or chiropractic adjustments. She has also helped several other chronic conditions. I fell and displaced metacarpals requiring open pinning and casting- her treatments kept the pain away without pills and my hand surgeon was amazed by the speed of healing. HIGHLY recommend her!" - Mark J.

"I am so grateful to have had the experience of reflexology during my breast cancer treatment. It provided relief from many of the side effects that the chemotherapy and other drugs have such as nausea, joint pain, general achiness, swelling, headaches and the list goes on…. It is vital (especially during chemotherapy) to keep the lymphatic system moving so that toxins don’t build up. Reflexology eased many of my symptoms so that I was able to get up and get moving and be a part of my family’s life again. I truly feel that I would not have recovered so quickly and been able to get back to “living” my life without it. Forever grateful." - Lorraine W.

"...[Carla] has helped me battle acid reflux, fatigue, and stomach pain. Before I started working with Carla, I felt exhausted, nauseous, and had acid reflux several days of the week, in addition to feeling irritable and cranky. This pain lasted for years. I started a special diet with Carla’s help and knowledge, in order to start on a healthier path and find out the triggers to my acid reflux. After the first week of her wonderful personalized plan, I started to feel better with less fatigue and less stomach pain. Carla was always very supportive and encouraging throughout this whole process, sending positive messages and never passing judgment on my journey and my struggles. Within a month, I noticed that my acid reflux had decreased immensely, I was feeling more energized, and my mood significantly improved. I have continued to reintroduce foods and now have a more comprehensive list of my triggers and know what to avoid. Four months later, I am feeling wonderful, much healthier, and happier..." - Breanne L.