Nutrition 101 – Free Event!


Meet Carla Wysko, Clinical Nutritionist, and take that first step to overcome your health challenges. All are invited and current clients are also welcome to bring new friends who could use help. The event contains 30 minutes of a critical "food for thought" presentation, followed by 30 minutes of your personal questions and answers. RSVP is required at (989) 413-3752.

This event is hosted on the second Friday of every month at 5:30 PM.

Others agree...

"I loved the nutrition talk...Carla spoke about very important and relatable issues. She did not talk down and was not judgemental. She appeared genuinely passionate about health and people."

"I really enjoyed Carla's presentation, not only was she very informative on nutrition and how it truly is a medicine for the body, but she was genuinely caring of people's health. She really put in perspective how certain foods/chemicals can make or break your health, and gave good tips on how to start changing bad habits. I would highly recommend Carla Wysko to anyone!"

"I was so happy for Carla to come in and speak to our office about nutrition and gut health. It is something that is so important but many of us take for granted! So many people suffer from chronic conditions that could actually be caused by our food and Carla really opened our eyes to that. She offered so much insight and great, useful information. Carla is extremely knowledgeable and truly wants to help others feel better and be as healthy as they can."

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